Hawaiian Monk Seal-Vector

I create a lot of sea life designs specifically for the Pacific islands of Hawai’i. Here’s a monk seal I recreate for a design that eventually ended up at the Waikiki Aquarium. Let us go over what my design steps normally look like. Below, of course, is the vector file feel free to download. find inspiration 2. re-draw (vector) 3. creative process (I always consider the … Continue reading Hawaiian Monk Seal-Vector

I’d Rather Be Screen Printing

It’s being said and done. I put my version together to be used for a practical design the youth could use while I was the instructor for Graphics/Silk Screen at the LBCAP-LAMP after school program. I like to share the vector artwork with you guys. Feel free to download and screen print.   PDF file link below_DOWNLOAD open in ILLUSTRATOR. iratherbe_byonecarlosartist onecarlosartist@gmail.com       Continue reading I’d Rather Be Screen Printing