Bluegill – Vector

Here’s a vector I recreated from a photo of a bluegill. I originally used it for the two designs below. The link to this vector is under.   PDF file link below_DOWNLOAD open in ILLUSTRATOR bluegill_byonecarlosartist

Printed Neck Labels

Often people don’t know where to start when designing a neck label. There’s absolutely no rule to what a neck label must have or look like. The most creative ones I’ve seen don’t even have washing instructions. My opinion is to do what you feel compliments your brand & designs. Below you will find a particular … More Printed Neck Labels

Halftones for Day’s

Here’s something I put together a year ago when I first had the idea of doing this BLOG. A year later I finally got it up and running. Download File and output. Anyone that likes to share what frequency and angle you use of halftones please do. PDF file link below_DOWNLOAD open in ILLUSTRATOR. halftonefordays_byonecarlosartist … More Halftones for Day’s

Registration Marks

Here is a few Registration Mark option’s. For the most part every shop has A template that works for them  – setup what works for you! PDF file link below_DOWNLOAD open in ILLUSTRATOR. registrationmarks_byonecarlosartist